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About Children's Enrichment Center

Hours of Operation

The Center is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. The Children's Enrichment Center operates its preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and school age program year-round (50 weeks) with the exception of two weeks when the Center is closed (Winter Recess and Summer Recess). Tuition is waived when the Center is closed during Winter and Summer Recess for all students.

  • The Fall programs begin the Wednesday after Labor Day each September.
  • Full-time care is available to school age children during the February and April vacation. Tuition is waived for school age only, (1st grade & up) during the February and April vacation weeks if they choose not to attend. Note: Kindergarten children do not fall under the School Age program.
  • The summer program begins the 1st week of July offering two sessions. A separate registration is required for the summer program.


CEC will be closed for the following holidays in the calendar year:

  • September - Labor Day
  • October - Columbus Day
  • November - Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day & Post Thanksgiving Day
  • December Christmas Week *Winter Recess
  • January - New Year's Day (if M – F), Martin Luther King
  • February - President's Day
  • May - Memorial Day
  • June Last Week - *Summer Recess
  • July - Independence Day

Note: CEC WILL CLOSE at 4:00 on Thanksgiving Eve and New Year's Eve.

*These weeks are CEC's vacation weeks and therefore tuition is waived during this time. Otherwise, tuition is due based on each child's weekly rate regardless of any absences due to illness, unscheduled vacations, holidays, inclement weather, or other reason with one exception, Medical Leave.

After School Hours

CEC operates from the time school is dismissed until 5:45 pm.

  • CEC is open Monday through Friday unless otherwise specified on the CEC calendar.
  • CEC will operate when school closes for early dismissal and has delayed openings unless otherwise noted on the CEC calendar. *Note - Early dismissals during school days do not include an additional fee on that day. Therefore there should be no adjustments to the tuition due to holidays or absenteeism.
  • CEC will not be open on snow emergency days (announced on the TV or radio as local & state emergency closings or essential personnel reporting only). Announcements of closings due to inclement weather and snow emergencies are recorded on the CEC voicemail prior to opening. You can call to check the voicemail.
  • We will provide before-school care on delayed school openings, if CEC is your child’s daily bus pick-up.

School Vacation Hours (School Age Children)

CEC operates during the February and April school vacation. The hours of operation for vacation programs are 7:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. These programs require advance registration and include a separate fee as stated in the registration packet. Enrollment in the vacation programs is open to all school-age children (grades 1st – 6th).

Unique Learning Facility

There are five main classes and an indoor activity studio in our 6100 square foot facility. They include the:

  • (1) Toddler/Preschool
  • (2) Pre-Kindergarten
  • (2) Transitional Kindergarten
  • After School Enrichment

These programs provide an excellent environment for the thematic approach used in our center. Children explore various concepts of a particular theme each month. These themes focus on literacy (reading & writing) and cultural enrichment through various activities planned by teachers weekly.

Using the thematic approach, for example, we would devote a month to Colonial America, learning early colonial period history, doing hands-on colonial arts and crafts and visiting a historical site. Children participate in each workshop two to three times per week for one month to gain a fundamental understanding of that topic for future interests or studies in that theme.

Enrichment Programs:

Each child will participate in the CEC enrichment program that meet weekly e.g., Spanish Club which includes activities outlined by the program instructor. These clubs, supervised by staff, provide as much freedom as possible for member involvement. Each club will plan a program for presentation to the entire CEC staff or families during parent conferences and programs.

The current clubs open are the Writer's Workshop, Young Artist Club, Mad Science Club, Health & Fitness Club, Spanish Club, Computer Club, and the Chess Club. In addition to the CEC Clubs, each child participates in a weekly Enrichment and Character Building Workshop that follows each theme. Through these workshops children discuss and learn about various topics related to the theme.

Homework Support:

Homework support is M-TH for an hour in the After School Program and during that hour all children are encouraged to complete their homework daily. CEC staff support is provided for children during homework time. Children are required to sign a homework log daily when homework is completed.


Mansfield residents may arrange for transportation for their child with the School Department Transportation Office to bring their child(ren) to Children Enrichment Center daily. This service is available to children once parents notify the school that CEC will be their child's daily drop off location. Parents should arrange to pick up their children at CEC each day at their scheduled time.

Our Location

754 East Street
Mansfield, MA 02048
(p) 508-337-8558
(f) 508-337-8559
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Hours of Operation

Opens 7:15 AM
Closes 5:45 PM
Arrival 7:15 AM - 8:30 AM
Programs 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Enrichment 2:30 PM - 5:45 PM
Monday - Friday
Closed Holidays


Brenda Barrett, Director
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Tatiana Fricano, Asst. Director
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Sarah McCarty, Ed. Consultant


"Dear Ms. Barrett, Congratulations on another good year. Our children's lives have been enriched by the experiences they have shared at your center. We hope that you have a wonderful summer. We will be back in the Fall. "
- Shannon & Todd E.

"Dear Ms. Barrett, Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I have had fun learning with you in Kindergarten."
- Love Tommy L.

"Dear Brenda, Thank you very much for the very nice tour you gave us of the Children's Enrichment Center. We really appreciated how thorough you were about your program & the generous time you spent with us. Abby is very excited about kindergarten and we are really looking forward to the wonderful teachers she will have, the nice exposure to many cultures, and your fun & loving environment. The gift you all give to children every day is immeasurable."
- Sincerely Liz B.

"Miss Barrett + Family, May you and your family be blessed this Christmas season and New Year! Thank you for all your hard, dedicated (& tiring) work for your staff, children, and parents! God Bless & Merry Christmas!"
- Sincerely The Bryants