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Community Outreach

CEC prides itself on providing not only quality academic programs for children but also providing experiences to enrich their lives. We believe that children can play a major role in the community and therefore we have developed opportunities for children to reach out to others. We provide opportunities for children to be "Good Citizens" towards family and friends. Let's help the children by providing opportunities for them to work together and grow the CEC family. Through our community outreach programs we are teaching children that not everyone is blessed to have some of the basic things in life and as "Good Citizens" we can help. When children learn to give as philanthropists they become more compassionate people as adults.

September: Fall Orientation

Each September we invite our new and existing families to our Fall Orientation. This orientation provides parent an opportunity to get better acquainted with the daily schedule and curriculum. The director and teachers are present to present each program in detail and offer parents an opportunity to ask questions. This helps parents in knowing what to expect as the year gets going.

October: Can & Bottle Drive

Once we have settled in, we begin our community work with a Can & Bottle Drive. This drive to collect cans and bottles last for four to six weeks. Children bring in empty containers from home that can be exchanged for funds once returned to the recycle center. This is done at the end of the collection period and children work in groups to deposit cans & bottles for coin. Once the credit for the cans & bottles is redeemed the children go shopping for goods to donate to the local food pantry in time to help families with food for the holidays.

November: Fall Harvest Feast

Fall in an exciting time for the children and with the harvest comes our own Fall Harvest Feast bringing the children together as a family. Our older students work with the teachers to prepare a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving dinner for the entire CEC family. This program is held the week before Thanksgiving giving the children and opportunity to come together for thanks before the holiday break.

December: Stocking Stuffing Project

In the "Spirit of Giving" during this holiday season our focus is to teach the children the importance of giving to those in need. During the month of December we work together as a community on the "Stocking Stuffing Project".

Kindergarten & School Age decorate a stocking to fill with small toilet items and treats. Parents can help their children earn a few dollars by letting them help around the house. Children are then encouraged to use their money to purchase small items for the stocking e.g. soap, toothpaste, combs, lotion, etc. When all the stocking are filled they are taken to a family shelter and distributed in time for the holiday season.

January: Family Night

Our CEC Family Night is an exciting event, bringing all our families together for a celebration. Children work all month preparing a class program to present that evening. Families bring one of their favorite dishes or desserts. This evening provides an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy a fun and relaxing evening away from the hustling and bustling of the work environment. It is also an opportunity for families to enjoy the wonderful ethnicity and diverse of our diverse population.

March: CEC Scholastic Book Fair

The Book Fair is a great opportunity for children and parents to shop together to find that perfect book to enjoy together at home. Our book fair is sponsored by Scholastic Books providing the most current reading materials for children. There are several selections and the week-long event provides excitement for the children daily. This program also supports the purchase of several new books annually for the Center through its Scholastic Book Bucks used in exchange for new books.

May: St. Jude Trike-A-Thon

Each May following two weeks of seeking sponsors and a week of bike safety the children have an exciting "Bring Your Bike to School" event. Each child regardless of sponsorship brings their bike and helmet to practice their bike safety skills on the road to St. Jude. This route is drawn annually on the blacktop in the playground area. Children love the excitement which is followed by a visit to the Popsicle table to cool down.

June: CEC Annual Graduation

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CEC Private Kindergarten

Alternative Private Kindergarten Option

Come visit our renowned kindergarten program preparing children for public kindergarten or 1st Grade. Children are admitted at age 4.6 starting in September. It is a full-day program 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM. Before and Aftercare is available if needed. Tuition is $175/week until 2:30 or $225/week with B/A care.

Our Location

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Hours of Operation

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Brenda Barrett, Director
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Tatiana Fricano, Asst. Director
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Sarah McCarty, Ed. Consultant


"Dear Ms. Barrett, Congratulations on another good year. Our children's lives have been enriched by the experiences they have shared at your center. We hope that you have a wonderful summer. We will be back in the Fall. "
- Shannon & Todd E.

"Dear Ms. Barrett, Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I have had fun learning with you in Kindergarten."
- Love Tommy L.

"Dear Brenda, Thank you very much for the very nice tour you gave us of the Children's Enrichment Center. We really appreciated how thorough you were about your program & the generous time you spent with us. Abby is very excited about kindergarten and we are really looking forward to the wonderful teachers she will have, the nice exposure to many cultures, and your fun & loving environment. The gift you all give to children every day is immeasurable."
- Sincerely Liz B.

"Miss Barrett + Family, May you and your family be blessed this Christmas season and New Year! Thank you for all your hard, dedicated (& tiring) work for your staff, children, and parents! God Bless & Merry Christmas!"
- Sincerely The Bryants